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Dexpert Photography

Dexpert Photography


Dexpert Photography will be providing all photography at the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show.


Dexter BalyeatDexter Balyeat is the principle photographer for Dexpert Photography. While his passion is street photography, he has developed quite a fan base amongst motorcyclists for his photo journalistic coverage of  hundreds of motorcycle rallies, runs and events. 

Dexter discovered his skills during a back pack trip across Central America.  While only armed with a small 35 millimeter point and shoot, he realized the photographer's eye was the most important piece of equipment.

Thirteen years later Dexter has gone totally digital.




Lepord cub


With his unique POV and vision Dex has discovered a passion for wildlife photography.


Young Deer

Deer at dusk


Dexter takes great pleasure in capturing the true spirit of animals for both outdoorsmen and pet owners alike.

Gun dog Sofia sprinting

Gun dog Sofia working the field


Instead of picking one genre to shoot, Dexter has successfully brought  his street style of photography to all of his work.

Here are some new photos from his latest trip abroad.

Dexpert Photography

Dexpert Photography

Dexpert Photography

Dexter Balyeat


Dexter Balyeat’s galleries can be found on Facebook, the Haymond Law firm's Facebook page as well as HaymondLaw.com and his own site: Dexpertphoto.com.

Dexpert Photography is an official sponsor of the Springfield Sportsmen’s Show.

Keep an eye out for Dexter, he will be covering the show floor and all of the events during the show.

After the show, head over to our Facebook page and view all of the new photos taken during this year’s show.